Nutrition and Herbal Consultations

Many people are seeking natural alternatives for common ailments, or are looking to use herbs in addition to medical therapy.  The beauty of working with an herbalist is that the focus is on getting to the “root cause” of an issue, rather than just masking symptoms. 

Hannah Weber serves the greater Charleston area as both a registered dietitian and community herbalist trained in the wise woman tradition.  She has worked in the wellness industry for the last 12 years, but more specifically has been practicing as an herbalist since 2015 when she completed her apprenticeship.  She is currently enrolled in a 400-hour “Herbal Medicine for Women” course with hopes to deepen her knowledge and further assist the community.

Hannah knows that herbs can unlock magical healing potential in the body.  However, she shares the philosophy that one must be “clear” in order to optimally receive plant medicine.  If you choose to set up a consultation with Hannah, she will help find ways to ensure your body, mind, and spirit are clear and ready to receive.  This will include going over a detailed intake form and 3-day food journal, as well as spending ample time listening to your concerns and desires.  An herbal protocol that may include dietary changes will be suggested based on your needs, and a follow-up visit will be scheduled 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation.  


Initial Consult (90 minutes) + 1 Follow-Up Visit (60 minutes)

*Herbs sold separately at a discounted rate*


Follow-ups (60 minutes)